LVA adopts new logo

The Licensed Vintners Association has a new logo which attempts to reflect the position of the pub in 2016 - particularly the fact that it’s a food and drinks business.

The new logo retains the initials ‘LVA’ but adds a new strapline ‘The Art of great food & drink’.

“We chose this strapline because we believe this highlights much of what’s behind great pubs today,” LVA Chief Executive Donall O’Keeffe told Drinks Industry Ireland, “It recognises the art and individuality of great pubs and the central role of food in the business. The script here is softer, more consumer-friendly (less corporate) and more in tune with the positioning of pubs.”

A new graphic incorporates the iconic pint glass as an emblem of the pub trade while the fork represents informal dining, the Celtic swirl, Irishness and the contemporary blue colour hints at the LVA’s Dublin heritage.

Although alternatives were considered it was decided to retain the Licensed Vintners Association title as the current name is well-recognised across the Association’s membership and key stakeholders, he pointed out.

What’s more the strong font plays to the LVA’s longevity as it reflects the oldest trade association on these islands.

While the ‘Licensed Vintners Association’ has been the title of the Association since 1961, before that it had been known as the ‘Licensed Grocers’ and Vintners’ Association’ (since 1956).

All this is a long way from its original hefty title in the first Minutes Book back in 1831 pertaining to the ‘Fair Trading Vintners’ Society & Asylum’.

This changed to the ‘Licensed Grocers’ and Vintners’ Society’ in 1862 and became the ‘Retail Grocers’ and Vintners’ Trade Protection Association’ in 1871.

The only other name change took place in 1878 when it became known as the ‘Licensed Grocers’ and Vintners’ Protection Association’ for the next 78 years.

The logo will be put on all LVA communications from this Autumn onwards.



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