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Licensed wisdom XXXVIII

-- a collection of notable licensed trade quotes

“This measure will be an administrative nightmare. It will add to costs. It will also cause problems for those venues that like to provide variety, seasonality, specials and rapidly changing menus. If this were to become mandatory, it will penalise those outlets that seek to be innovative and consumer-focused.” – LVA Chief Executive Donall O’Keeffe on Government proposal to introduce calorie counts on menus.

“Don’t laugh, but I watch Eurovision, 90% of the contestants sing in English. They’re using our language but still they don’t give us any points. Europe wants to use us, but they don’t like us.” – so believes Anton Dani, the Moroccan-born Lord Mayor of Boston in England which, with a 75% vote to ‘Brexit’ had the highest ‘leave’ vote in the UK.

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