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Licensed wisdom   XXIX

A collection of notable quotes


“The greed of these publicans is an absolute disgrace and believe me, you won’t see these guys behind the bar serving customers and scrubbing the toilets at the end of the night.” – The owners & staff of one of the first pubs to self-close – Peadar Browns on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin – on seeing packed pubs in Dublin town totally ignoring Social Distancing guidelines later that night.

“Of all the shocks coronavirus has delivered so far, Ireland closing all its pubs on the eve of St Patrick’s Day is truly the most unbelievable.” – Australian journalist Stephen Quartermain.

“It is like being in a Stephen King novel for the first week” – Irishman Anton Norris who was in lockdown for 53 days in China.

“Sir, – It took me years to develop a taste for a pint of Guinness. I hope I don’t have to start all over again when all this is over. – Yours, etc, Stephen Halpin, Skerries, Co Dublin.” – Letter to the Irish Times during lockdown.

“The challenge we have is making sure those measures don’t take away the point of a pub, which is socialising.” – Green King Chief Executive Nick Mackenzie on the measures being taken in pubs to fight Covid-19.

“Gosh we will all want to go out again when we can and we are all missing social contact… really really missing it… and that may be something to hanker after and it’s why the on-trade is not damaged beyond repair.” – The UK’s Wine & Spirits Trade Association’s Chief Executive Miles Beale talking to the drinks Business on the effects of lockdown there.

“I don’t think there’s any desire to go to a property and be served by Darth Vader with a big hat and a cape.” – Park Hotel’s John Brennan on why hotels might prove unpopular post-Covid-19 unless the right precautions are taken.

“The cash flow is zero and there is stock going out of date. But we’re in the best town in Ireland and we’ll come back. The one thing about Killarney is that businesses are so good at coming together, this will stand to us. – Kate O’Leary of The Laurels in Killarney in The Kerryman newspaper.

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