Pat Nolan Blog

Licensed wisdom XXIV

-- a collection of notable quotes

“My favourite food from my homeland is Guinness. My second choice is Guinness. My third choice – would have to be Guinness” – Peter O’Toole.



 “Take your cocktail elements for a stroll in the park, not a game of pinball” – World Class National Winner Andy Ferreira advocates simplicity over complexity in cocktail-masking.



“The takeaway market represents a market that pubs don’t tap into enough for the coffees, desserts and soups that many pubs do. We surprised ourselves when we saw the huge demand for takeout coffee” – LVA Chairman John Gleeson in our 1&1 interview.



“Norm, you’ve got time to make your own coal” – Cliff Clavin to Norm Peterson in the US sitcom ‘Cheers’ after Norm had said to Cliff, “I wish I had time for a hobby…”.


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