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Licensed wisdom XXIII

-- a collection of notable quotes

“There are many misconceptions about the level of alcohol abuse in Ireland. What we need is well-researched information to put the problem in its true perspective. If this is not done the whole drinks industry will suffer in the years ahead. One only has to look at the problems facing the cigarette industry in Ireland in terms of legislative controls to see the validity of this view.” – Former LVA Chief Executive Frank Fell in a trade interview in July 1989 where he felt that there was a complacency in the industry that would act to its detriment in years to come.


“In 15 years’ time, tourism will be the world’s biggest industry and pubs will have a large part to play in its growth in Ireland.” – David Hickey, former President of the VFI, in his opening address to the 1986 VFI Conference in Waterford.

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