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Licensed Wisdom XLIII

- a collection of notable licensed trade quotes

“Nobody turns into a genius with drinking” – golfer Shane Lowry of the aptly-named partisan Whistling Straits crowd who booed and heckled the European players at the Ryder Cup.

“While Cider Ireland welcome the Government’s commitment to reducing excise duty for small producers of craft cider by 50% next year, it is very regrettable that we must wait another year before being afforded the same treatment as craft beer. The year is a further unjustifiable delay on the new jobs, tourism, exports and carbon-busting new orchards that will emerge all around rural Ireland once the 50% reduction in duty is implemented. We – and the communities we are part of – deserve a level playing field.” – Daniel Emerson, Chairperson of Cider Ireland and Chief Executive of Nohoval Drinks Company, producers of Stonewell Cider.

“It’s just not fair for businesses that have been closed for so long that the goalposts keep moving.” – LVA Chief Executive Donall O’Keeffe on the Government’s insistence on pre-event ticketing prior to the latest set of restrictions being introduced.

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