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Licensed wisdom  VIII

-- a collection of notable quotes



“Will inspectors be paid to eat out in all of Ireland’s 22,000 food outlets and check if each menu has calorie counts on them? Any chef will tell you that menus in restaurants vary from day-to-day and therefore calorie counting would be highly inaccurate anyway.” – RAI Chief Executive Adrian Cummins on government proposals to put calorie counts on menus.


 “Restaurants are just one bad weekend away from closing their doors” – horrified reaction of one US banker to an approach by Dave Magrogan, Managing Director of the Magrogan Group there, for a loan some years ago as told at the Irish Pubs Global Gala Dinner recently.


 “May misfortune follow you always – but never catch up” – Toast from Dave Magrogan at the Irish Pubs Global Gala Dinner.

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