July re-opening for Andy’s Bar

“You’d think this would get easier second time around,” commented Sean Redmond of Andy’s Bar, the successful Monaghan town premises that burned to the ground on Friday 13th November.

It seems that an electrical fault led to the substantial fire at Sean and brother Kevin Redmond’s premises which required five fire tenders and a Control Unit to get it back under control.

The tenders and some 35 firemen were there from 4.30am until about 1pm that day, says Sean.

“The guys had the fire out but it kept coming back,” he told Drinks Industry Ireland.

The street also had to be evacuated.

“Thankfully no one was injured” he commented, “but the pub had never looked better before this happened. We’d just renovated the back bar.”

The electrical fire seemed to originate through arcing on the consumer board and spread up into the loft where it continued along before descending back down into the kitchen as the roof and ceilings burned off.

The Redmonds had only recently installed new electrics as part of a rewiring process and Sean stated that there would have been very little draw on the system at that time of night other than for fridges etc.

“We’re just going to focus on rebuilding it,” he said.

As a result of the fire the premises had to shut down and the brothers have lost the all-important Christmas business. They’re currently working on getting the premises back in order for a 12th July re-opening.

This is the second fire at Andy’s Bar; the last was in July 2007 when a fireball in the kitchen caused extensive damage but the restaurant itself was unaffected.



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