Jägermeister Masterclass at Liquor Rooms

Nils Boese made an appearance at The Liquor Rooms in Dublin recently, presenting a Jägermeister Masterclass specifically aimed at mixologists and with the focus on extending the drinking opportunities for Jägermeister.

In addition to being Jägermeister’s Global Brand Ambassador, Nils has run his Manhattan bar in the town of Hildesheim, South of Hanover in Germany, for the past 17 years.

“It’s all of 38 square metres (including toilets)..” as he put it himself of his bar which has neither menu nor opening hours.

Nevertheless, the bar contains no less than 700 different bottles of spirits so he’s well-used to trying out the odd concoction or two.

Nils explained that the 56 ingredients used in Jägermeister are individually crafted specifically for the drink by way of special instructions to the suppliers as to the style of ingredient required – right down to the production techniques required for the particular kind of cloves used.

Sometimes one can forget this level of detail when considering the commercial production line for the world’s eighth-largest spirits brand which turns out 70,000 bottles an hour.

Jägermeister stores the herbal liqueur in oak barrels ranging in size from 6,500 litres to 22,000 litres for one year to double up on long esters and present the product at its finest.

“Any longer than a year for this type of herbal liqueur would see the quality of the drink actually deteriorate,” he told the 38 mixologists attending the Masterclass.

Nils hoped that his audience would, in turn, become brand ambassadors for Jägermeister in their own establishments through experimenting further with both Jägermeister and new Jägermeister Spice which can be used as a simpler base in a variety of different cocktails.

In Germany Jägermeister runs a loyalty programme for bartenders to help them make progress in whatever direction their interest takes them.

“While Jägermeister is extremely happy with its present market, it sees the need to expand the brand’s repertoire beyond its core shots market,” explained Nils.

As a case in point, he proceeded to mix up various cocktails – Negronis, Dirty Martinis, Gimlets and an Old Fashioned using Jägermeister.

This food for thought was followed by finger-food and a bit of rivalry as Jägermeister’s Brand Manager at distributors Barry & Fitzwilliam Ray Finn introduced the Jägermeister Cocktail Competition.

The person submitting the most interesting Jägermeister cocktail to Ray at before midday on December 11th will win a two-day trip to Jägermeister in Germany next January 25th and 26th.

Get mixing….


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