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It’s who I am

14 people, 14 chapters, 14 professions, 14 passions, 14 very different stories from 14 people who know who they are. They form the basis for Conor Kenny’s third book.

It’s who I am features conversations with:


  • Tommy Byrne – Formula 1
  • Mick Dowling – Olympic boxing
  • Finbar Furey – Music
  • John Healy – Restaurants
  • Domini Kemp – Hospitality and business
  • Bobby Kerr – Broadcasting and business
  • Paul Kimmage – Journalism
  • Maebh Leahy – Addiction and recovery
  • Gary McGann – World-leading business
  • Eamon Morrissey – Theatre and television
  • Liz Nolan – Classical music and radio
  • Roberta O’Brien – Naval Service
  • Pádraig Ó Céidigh – Business and An Seanad
  • Brent Pope – Rugby and television.


“When we think about famous people, it’s easy to put them on a pedestal and bestow untouchable status on them,” explains Conor, “In reality, they’re ordinary people just like you and me – but it’s their experiences that make them extraordinary.”

In It’s who I am Conor talks to these14 extraordinary people who share their heartfelt stories from their very first memories right through to the present.

What inspired them? What influenced them? What drives them? What makes them different to you and me?

“The only thing these 14 people have in common is a passion for what they do and for being who they are,” says Conor.

It’s who I am does not set out to look for threads, trends and common traits.

Like themselves, the 14’s journey is enthralling and unique, often unplanned and always intriguing, he says.

“They’re inspirational, emotional and overflowing with soul-baring honesty.”

It’s who I am does not prescribe or tell you what to do. Neither is it a manual for the perfect career or life. On the contrary, it teaches us that ordinary can become extraordinary. These 14 extraordinary people share their tears and laughter, their highs and lows in the book. They allow us to get to know them and their story and to discover who they really are.

We can draw our own lessons for own lives, believes Conor.

Conor Kenny’s third book, It’s Who I am - out now.

Conor Kenny’s third book, It’s Who I am – out now.



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