Irish fintech ‘Paynt’ launches cashless tipping solution ‘URocked’ in Ireland

URocked offers an all-in-one solution to comply with new tipping legislation, aiming for 10 million tips processed by 2024

Sam Kohli of Paynt, which was founded in 2014 and is a trusted Payment Service Provider throughout Europe

Cashless tipping solutions provider URocked have announced the launch of their suite of products in Ireland and have been hailed as an all-in-one solution to new legislation surrounding tipping of employees in service industries.

The company is currently engaging with 100’s of Irish businesses with a view to implementing the solution and is aiming to reach 10 million tips processed in Ireland by the close of 2024. URocked have also received the support of the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) and become one of their exclusive patronage partners.

URocked has already seen considerable success in the UK and Baltic region, with 1000s of businesses availing of the solution, particularly those in the food, drink and hospitality industries. 

The launch of the products also marks the opening of the company’s Irish offices as one of the founders, Cork/Blackrock native Sam Kohli, seeks to bring their innovative solutions home to Irish consumers and service providers.

Sam Kohli founded Paynt in 2014, which is a leading and trusted Payment Service Provider throughout Europe. Paynt has established a global footprint with offices in London, New York, Riga, Vilnius, and now in Ireland. The company is registered and authorised Electronic Money Institution and licensed to operate across 30 countries within the EU.

In 2023, URocked teamed up with Paynt, becoming part of the Paynt Group and emerged as “URocked –  powered by Paynt

Three products are now available on the market for Irish businesses: One Device, Quick Tips and QR codes, which provide innovative features like pay at table, mobile, card, and QR code tipping.

URocked ensures that 100% of tips flow directly into employees’ digital wallets, eliminating employer involvement and simplifying payroll.

Customer feedback has shown significant increases in the number of tips received by staff since implementing one of the URocked solutions with some users reporting that they have received up to five times more than prior to using the solution.

Sam Kohli, founder, Paynt, said: “Our URocked solution optimises the existing tipping process, ensuring staff receive 100% of tips without imposing administrative or tax responsibilities on business owners, all while staying legally compliant.

“In addition to this, URocked will inadvertently increase the income of staff in the hospitality industry, not only as a result of digitalization, but also due to the revolutionary approach of the solutions” Mr Kohli concluded.

Fore more information, visit: https://urocked.com/

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