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IDeal customer

Full marks to publican Trevor Kelly for asking a suspected underage customer for proof of age ID recently.

Clara native Trevor runs the Gramercy Ale House in New York and he recounted in a recent issue of the Tullamore Tribune that when a customer he didn’t recognise and whom he suspected might be underage came up and ordered a bottle of Corona, he demanded some form of age ID.

Without demur, the suspected ‘minor’ pulled out his picture and date of birth for Trevor who then served Justin Bieber his drink which he took over to a corner with his girlfriend.

“He has a bad reputation” remarked Trevor, “but I found him to be nice and mannerly.”

Justin later drank a pint of Guinness a customer had bought for him before leaving as more and more people began to recognise the pop idol.

Trevor and The Gramercy Ale House have served numerous celebrities in their time.

“The bar gets a lot of customers involved in sports,” explained Trevor, “We’ve done ‘Saturday Night Live’ after-parties and often get celebrity guests including Jimmy Fallon, Fred Savage, David Spade, Harrison Ford and Kate Winslet.”

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