How Mobile Challenges Your Business Proposition

Over 65% of people in the UK own a smartphone today and globally, mobile devices now outnumber PCs. So said Anthony Quigley, Founder and Managing Director of the Digital Marketing Institute in his presentation How Mobile Challenges Your Business Proposition at this year’s HospitalityExpo at the RDS.

Anthony also highlighted a few more indicators of just how much mobiles have taken over people’s everyday lifestyle:

    * Six in 10 mobile users feel compelled to use their mobile devices at least once an hour with one in seven doing so every 10 minutes.

    * Seven in 10 of us keep our mobiles next to our bed and four in 10 primetime TV viewers also consume content on phones and tablets while watching TV.

    * 91% of all internet usage today is accessed via a mobile and 90% of those people had taken action as a result of consulting the internet via their mobile.

    * 68% of males (as opposed to 57% of females) check prices online to the point that ‘showrooming’ online has become much more common.

“So society is changing” he assured us, “and so you must use mobiles as part of your business today.”

This was all the more so since the mobile dynamic was moving the consumer towards a cashless society.

“How are you going to engage with your customers who’ve gone ‘mobile’?” he asked.

Mobile engagement
Getting your marketing on a mobile wrong could be worse than getting it right.

It should be kept in mind that 55% of people state that a poor mobile experience hurts their opinion of a brand and that 79% of them will turn to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience on your own.

“The priority is therefore to build the best mobile site,” said Anthony.
A number of questions can be asked towards achieving this:

Do you know what percentage of traffic comes through mobile?
Who views the competition’s investment in mobile?
Are you leading or following with mobile?
Which decisions would change if business owners were given timely mobile data?
Have YOU viewed your own site on various mobile devices?

In ‘going mobile’ it’s important to engage a ‘mobile evangelist’, someone who’s familiar with social media technology and usually someone who’s young.

A pub’s marketing should adapt to being viewed on a mobile device by use of a few simple inclusions such as an automatic ‘call’ button on the site rather than expecting potential customers to go and look up the number elsewhere.

In Digital Marketing’s own case, the provision of an ‘instant’ call button on the site itself led to a 60% increase in call rates so it’s important for the publican to think about how one is presenting one’s business to the consumer.

It’s important too to consider how one can connect with customers in a multi- screen environment since 90% of all media interactions are now screen-based, he told the audience.

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