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Hobgoblin ‘ant-icapted’ Halloween

Did you promote some Halloween cocktails this year? Wychwood Brewery in Oxfordshire did.

The crunchy-sounding cocktail ‘Hobgoblin Beer Vermouth + Ants’ was served at the Sager+Wilde Paradise outlet in England for a fortnight around Halloween.

The unholy drinks alliance mirrors the Hobgoblin’s upbringing in the Wychwood Forest surrounded by woods plants and bugs.

‘Hobgoblin Beer Vermouth + Ants’ featured wood ants frozen in a specially-created beer vermouth, mixing the straw-coloured Hobgoblin Gold with grapefruit, pink peppercorn, bayleaf, white tea, wormwood, strawberry and a squeeze of lemon.

“Vermouth is on the up” commented a hopeful Joanne Wyke, Hobgobllin’s Senior Brand Manager at parent company Marston’s, “and to base a Vermouth on a characterful, well-hopped beer like Hobgoblin Gold, rather than on wine, seemed excitingly logical.

“This ant recipe really has legs and as the ice cubes melt, the bugs will be released into the cocktail, providing drinkers with a high protein Anti-pasti.”

Don’t scoff, dear reader. Food trends across the globe indicate that entomophagy, eating insects, will form the Next Big Trend for consumers – everywhere.

A seasonal insectipple from Hoblgoblin last Halloween.

A seasonal insectipple from Hoblgoblin last Halloween.



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