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Hangovers – the global cures (part III)

In this, the third of our series on global hangover cures from ebookers’ substantial list, we continue our trip around the world, seeking remedies for the ‘unremedyfiable’.

Perhaps your ‘recovering’ customers would like to try the Mongolian ‘medication’ of pickled sheep’s eye in tomato juice: “Imagine if a Bloody Mary had a little lamb and plucked the eyes out of it and you’ll have Mongolia’s most traditional hangover cure,” explains ebooker, “After a night on the Arkhi – distilled mare’s milk liquor – perhaps swallowing a sheep’s eye seems tame in comparison; just drop it into a glass of tomato juice, baah-race yourself, and knock it back.”

On the other hand Hungary hankers back to the US for a solution to the ‘morning after’ with its sparrow droppings in brandy: “Level up the hair of the dog with some droppings of the bird thanks to this Hungarian cure,” trills e-bookers, “As if your morning just isn’t crap enough, add some more, quite literally and get a sparrow to do his business in your brandy glass, then drink it all down and feel like a champ. Or die of cross-species infection, whatevs”.

Somewhat less extreme, the Vietnamese take to the old ‘tape on the forehead’ remedy for avoiding hangover hell. Says ebookers: “Everyone knows that when you’re feeling less than your best you should dress to make yourself feel better. This tip from Vietnam will ensure you look fabulous and involves placing tape on your forehead, specifically the acupuncture points, to help relieve your headache. Now go out and show off your new look, you can thank us later.”

Avoid that hangover - by imbibing something worse?

Avoid that hangover – by imbibing something worse?

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