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Hangovers – the global cures (part II)

If your customers have enjoyed themselves a little too much the night before, what can they do to alleviate their hangover the following day?

That was the question put out globally by ebookers which we partially reported on in our February-March issue. ebooker’s question brought in a hail of ‘surefire’ hangover-cures, some of which might just do more damage than good to the stomach lining of the repentant ligger. But ebookers’ amusing descriptions of some of the ‘cures’ are worth persevering with as we shall see below:

In the gross-out stakes, the Ozzies favour green ant tea.

“In times of cold, headaches and the torture that follows a heavy night’s drinking” advises ebookers, “the indigenous people of Australia would turn to mother nature, or more specifically to green ants. Said to taste like lime, boiling their abdomens in water creates an ant-tea hangover drink that will probably shock your brain back into normality. You could also just use lime.”

Somewhat less lofty on the ‘gross-out’ scale, ebookers describes the Puerto Ricans’ belief in the ‘Lemon on armpit’ approach: “Another cure that surely started as a lost bet, Puerto Ricans believe that rubbing a lemon on your armpits prior to drinking will help prevent dehydration and therefore particularly harsh hangovers. When the country’s favourite alcoholic activities include enjoying lethal Pitorro moonshine and downing Don Q rum, every little bit helps against the demonic morning that lies ahead.”

The US, too, is up there in the running…… “Cowboys recovering from a night on the rotgut (whiskey watered down with all manner of deadly chemicals) would rush to the side of the little bunnies roaming the Wild West, or rather, the backside. Using rabbit droppings, these manliest of men wouldn’t let a little thing like poop in their tea stop them battling through a hangover, and this bunny brew was supposedly a miracle cure.”

How to avoid a hangover – at your customers’ own peril.

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