Formula 1 to host record-breaking 24 races in 2024

The F1 championship is revving up for 24 races across 21 countries and is exclusively live on Sky Sports F1

All race weekends will be available to watch in Ultra HD

For the first time ever, the FIA Formula 1 Championship will feature an impressive 24 races from 21 countries in 2024 with lights out in Bahrain on 2 March. Last year, the opening Bahrain Grand Prix attracted almost one million viewers in pubs and bars, one of the highest ever for Formula 1. 

This season is set to feature 24 races, one more race than the previous year, with the return of the Chinese Grand Prix for the first time since 2019.

With more than two thirds of sport viewers agreeing that it is a good idea for pubs and bars to show Formula 1, this season is sure to be an exciting one for sports fans. 

Additionally, a new edition to this season is that three races in 2024 will take place on a Saturday rather than a Sunday, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas. This is great news for venues as the opening Grand Prix in Bahrain aligns nicely with Saturday night football to encourage sports viewers to stay in for longer. 

All race weekends will be exclusively live on Sky Sports F1 and available to watch in Ultra HD. 

Below are the UK race times for the 2024 Formula 1 season:

Grand Prix Date FP1 FP2 FP3 Qualifying Race
Bahrain 29 Feb – 2 Mar 11.30am 3pm  12.30pm  4pm  3pm 
Saudi Arabia 7-9 March 1.30pm 5pm  1.30pm  5pm  5pm 
Australia 22-24 Mar 1.30am 5am  1.30am   5am  4am 
Japan 5-7 Apr 3.30am 7am  3.30am   7am  6am 
China 19-21 Apr 4.30am 8.30am (Sprint Qualifying) 4am (Sprint) 8am 8am 
Miami 3-5 May 5.30pm 9.30pm (Sprint Qualifying) 5pm (Sprint) 9pm 9pm 
Emilia Romagna 17-19 May 12.30pm  4pm  11.30am  3pm  2pm 
Monaco 24-26 May 12.30pm  4pm   11.30am  3pm   2pm 
Canada 7-9 Jun 6.30pm  10pm  5.30pm  9pm  7pm 
Spain 21-23 Jun 12.30pm  4pm  11.30am  3pm   2pm 
Austria 28-30 Jun  11.30am 3.30pm (Sprint Qualifying)  11am (Sprint) 3pm  2pm 
Great Britain 5-7 July 12.30pm  4pm  11.30am  3pm  3pm 
Hungary 19-21 Jul 12.30pm  4pm  11.30am  3pm   2pm 
Belgium 26-28 Jul 12.30pm  4pm  11.30pm  3pm   2pm 
Netherlands 23-25 Aug 11.30am  3pm  10.30am  2pm   2pm 
Italy 30 Aug-1 Sep 12.30pm  4pm  11.30am  3pm   2pm 
Azerbaijan 13-15 Sep 10.30am  2pm  9.30am  1pm   12pm 
Singapore 20-22 Sep 10.30am  2pm  10.30am  2pm   1pm 
United States 18-20 Oct 6.30pm 10.30pm (Sprint Qualifying) 7pm (Sprint)   11pm 8pm 
Mexico 25-27 oct 7.30pm   11pm  6.30pm  10pm   8pm 
Brazil 1-3 Nov 2.30pm 6.30pm (Sprint Qualifying) 2pm (Sprint) 6pm 5pm 
Las Vegas 21-23 Nov 2.30am 6am 2.30am 6am 6am 
Qatar 29 Nov- 1 Dec 1.30pm 5.30pm (Sprint Qualifying) 1pm 5pm 5pm 
Abu Dhabi 6-8 Dec 9.30am  1pm  10.30am  2pm   1pm

James Tweddle, director of hospitality, Sky Business, said: “We are very excited about the upcoming 2024 Formula 1 season. With out of home viewing figures being smashed year on year for Formula 1, alongside a record-breaking season of 24 races, this provides a great opportunity to get fans staying in venues longer and spending more.”

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