Festive soft drinks follow premium trail

According to researchers Mintel, the two peak times for sales of on-trade soft drinks are Summer and Christmas. But consumers now want premium soft drinks.

Soft drinks are performing well in the on-trade market according to Nielsen data. They grew 1.7% in value and 3% in volume MAT to September 2016 with Mineral Water showing the strongest growth in value at 3.3% and volume (5.1%).

Nielsen also points out that at 2% by value and 3.6% by volume, carbonated soft drinks (including mixers) contributed the most to soft drinks’ market growth.

While the market for traditional soft drinks and mixers remains a firm fixture throughout and beyond the Christmas season, some have noticed that advertising soft drinks in the form of Mocktails and promoting them on chalkboards and via table talkers can reap results.

There’s no reason that a soft drink cannot be creatively produced with an eye-catching serve garnished with lemon, orange peel or even edible flowers.

Consumers are beginning to turn their attention towards ordering soft drinks that contain natural, high quality ingredients and enhanced taste qualities.


Craft soft drinks

Many in the on-trade have noticed the trend towards premium and craft demand in the soft drinks market following on from the instigation of demand for craft beers and craft spirits.

Consumers are seeking a more sophisticated soft drinks range, one with more adult options, according to Canadean in its latest report on the subject, Adultifying Soft Drinks; Capitalizing on rising adult demand for non-alcoholic beverages, which finds that interest is being generated in premium, non-alcoholic soft drinks, a trend that’s being witnessed for both everyday consumption and special occasions.

In the report Canadean finds that alcohol moderation and alcohol ‘avoidance’ are generating more interest in the premium non-alcoholic soft drinks market from adults going into their local and seeking out a more sophisticated soft drink, or even a ‘craft’ soft drink.

But adult soft drinks’ appeal goes beyond avoiding or reducing alcohol consumption. It resonates with older soft drinks consumers too who want adult versions that offer sophistication, premium and mature appeal according to Tanvi Savara, Canadean’s Consumer Insight Analyst.

“Consumers value products that are distinct from the mass market and exude superior quality through unique flavours, natural premium ingredients and ‘craft’ production techniques,” she said, “Canadean’s consumer research highlights that 56% of consumers globally would like to see more craft-style non-alcoholic beverages.”

And some brands are also launching products that replicate flavours and sensory experiences commonly associated with alcoholic drinks, she added.


Pairing with food

Canadean’s research also discovered that 62% of carbonated drink consumers experiment with new and unusual food and drink flavours at least occasionally.

This represents a chance for producers and suppliers to tap into an expanding market segment.




Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, new and improved sugar free Coca-Cola

In October, Coca-Cola launched Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new and improved sugar-free Coca-Cola. The new recipe brings Coca Cola Zero Sugar closer to the taste of original Coca-Cola Classic, but without sugar.


The latest in a number of actions taken by Coca-Cola to help people reduce their sugar consumption in Ireland, the launch marks the next step in the company’s strategy from offering, to shaping, choice. This includes actively encouraging more people, including Coca-Cola Classic drinkers, to choose a no-sugar option and it’s the latest action arising from the company’s £30 million reformulation and new product development programme.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s new pack design incorporates the Coca-Cola red disc which has become a signature element of the brand, synonymous with great taste. The new identity will run across the entire pack range.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar is now available in 330ml non-returnable glass bottles specifically for the on-trade and sits alongside Coca Cola Classic, Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Deep RiverRock Still and Sparkling water, also available in 330ml non-returnable glass bottle.




Schweppes, the Quintessential Mixer – Mix it up in The Party Season

Invented by Jacob Schweppes, ‘Creator of Bubbles’, in 1783, Schweppes has been charming tongues ever since. With the perfect balance of bubbles and flavour, the iconic range is now evolving with a new look and feel and the option of a 200ml pack to complement the existing 125ml range.

Since the invention by Jacob Schweppes of the world’s first commercial beverage carbonation system and soda water, the ‘Schweppes’ name has been synonymous with quality. Jacob’s passion and pioneering spirit gave birth to a collection of adult flavours and effervescence; from soda water in the 18th Century to tonic water, ginger and lemonade in the 19th Century and bitter lemon in the 20th Century. The Slimline range has also been available to consumers since 1965.



Now to better reflect 200 years’ of experience, the Schweppes range has been re-launched with a new look and feel. The sleeker brand look and new bottle shape feature across the existing 125ml range and the new 200ml pack which conveys the simple sophistication of the brand and will be accompanied in premise by a 125ml glass bottle from January 2017.

The number one mixer across the island of Ireland, Schweppes’ legendary tonic remains the signature taste of the brand with its delicate balance of bitterness, acidity and citric sweetness. The tonic only uses natural flavorings and contains the highest quality ingredients including quinine from cinchona bark.

“Schweppes is the quintessential mixer for publicans and the one to beat amongst the discerning tonic drinkers,” said Licensing Marketing Manager Peter Hughes, “The evolution of the brand look and feel, combined with the sleeker bottle shape, will better reflect the premium taste and heritage of Schweppes. We’re also pleased to expand the range with a new 200ml pack size, offering greater value for consumers.”

For further information on the new Schweppes range or any Coca-Cola product please contact your local Coca-Cola HBC salesperson or our Customer Service Helpline on RoI 1890 262226 | NI 0845 608 8889.





Pepsi Max – Maximum Taste No Sugar

Pepsi Max has all the flavour of a regular cola but with none of the sugar – delivering a credible option for the growing number of consumers seeking no sugar beverages when they’re out, without any compromise on taste.

rsz_kj30897_ksj305601_pepsi_max_220ml_hrLaunched in the on-trade in Northern Ireland this year, Pepsi Max is the perfect mixer. With its combination of citrus, caramel and vanilla cues, Pepsi Max compliments alcoholic serves by extracting not only the taste of the alcohol but also the taste of the lime garnish found with a cola serve.

Pepsi Max also has less carbonation than regular cola, making it the perfect mixer by allowing the development of the spirit whilst retaining a full mouth flavour.

For more information on stocking Pepsi Max in your outlet, please contact your local Counterpoint representative.







The Thomas Henry range of super premium mixers and soft drinks
In the year 1773 Thomas Henry, the son of an Irish schoolmaster living in England, successfully invented a method to enrich water with carbon dioxide to create soda water. In 2010 the Thomas Henry Company in Berlin began creating super-premium soft drinks that take inspiration from that illustrious pharmacist, visionary and gentleman.

Recently Thomas Henry, in close collaboration with Arnd Henning Heißen from the Curtain Club and Phum Sila-Trakoon from the Panama Restaurant & Bar, both in Berlin, created the new Thomas Henry Slim Tonic. This light tonic is one of the few that is equal in taste to a “full-fledged” tonic.rsz_10816_th_sl_dark

The Slim Tonic comes with the aroma of bergamot, pepper and sea-salt, enriched with natural quinine and a touch of sugar. Working with master bartenders and being dedicated to using the best ingredients and unique compositions is what helps Thomas Henry produce such exceptional mixers and soft drinks.

The Thomas Henry range includes a Tonic Water boasting more quinine than its closest rivals and is properly bitter by nature.

The Elderflower Tonic has a wonderful flowery twist. Truly unique is the Asian-inspired Cherry Blossom Tonic with its Springtime forever flavour! If you like a full-bodied Ginger Beer with loads of ginger Thomas Henry Ginger Beer is truly exceptional.

Thomas Henry Bitter Lemon is as bitter as lemon can be while the Ginger Ale has more ginger and more ale! For tingle, enjoy Thomas Henry Soda Water while a magical fruity experience is provided by Thomas Henry Mystic Mango.

Finally for flavours both sweet and sour enjoy Thomas Henry Ultimate Grapefruit.

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