Energy from plants – what’s not to like?

Galánta Food & Beverages has launched Tenzing which pioneers natural energy and it’s set to change the way people energise themselves, claims the company. 




Tenzing “offers a natural alternative to a market flooded by sugar and synthetic filled products”. Not only introducing a healthy alternative but introducing a brand that’s socially aware of the impending environmental issues we’re facing, research by Tenzing found that eight in 10 people prefer plant-based energy over the current artificial alternatives.

With 60% less sugar than traditional energy drinks and at just 48 calories per can, this refreshing drink is a far cry from offerings currently on the market, claims Galánta.

Founder Huib Van Bockel believes the plant-based industry is growing week-on-week and brought Tenzing to market in 2016.

He embarked on his international mission to find the most naturally energising ingredients when he realised “consumers were done with artificial ingredients and sugar-riddled products and ready for a low-sugar, plant-based, naturally energising drink”.

Heading to Asia on a voyage of discovery, he came across a Himalayan Sherpa Tea recipe used as a means of energy and hydration for high-altitude expeditions. These teas have now become the inspiration behind Tenzing’s unique blend.

Packed with seven plant-based ingredients from the ends of the earth Tenzing is completely free from anything artificial, the healthy answer to those looking for a natural lift.

Tenzing’s ingredients, which include green coffee beans, guarana and green tea, provide consumers with the same caffeine hit as a small cup of coffee, but with a more refreshing twist.

This unique blend of ingredients makes for a truly energising and nourishing drink, packed full of natural vitamins and minerals offering a triple hit of natural caffeine, Vitamin C and electrolytes with every sip.
“Consumers are fed-up with artificially caffeinated drinks laden with sugar but now there’s an option for the growing number of people both health and environmentally conscious,” states Galánta, “Energy purely from plants. What’s not to like?”.

Tenzing Natural Energy is exclusively distributed in the island of Ireland by Galánta Food & Beverages. e-mail or phone +353 1 462 3566.






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