Dingle’s Four Seasons

A goodly crowd gathered to watch as The Dingle Distillery launched its limited edition Four Seasons Gin in the Dingle Whiskey Bar on Nassau Street, Dublin, recently.


With a higher than usual ABV of 46%, Four Seasons Gin eschews chill-filtration as it’s felt that this would lose much of the botanicals’ characteristic essences.

Capturing the essence of the first season, ‘Spring’, is an intense but finely-balanced mix of floral notes such as gorse flower, dandelion, nettle and most prominently – rose petals – with hints of lemon and orange-peel to influence the Spring effect of this gin, Michael Walsh, Dingle’s Distiller told those present at the tasting.

The ‘Summer’ gin is a sweet-tasting gin with a creamy texture and a mint and floral undertone, said Michael, adding, “With rose petal and elderflower notes this luscious gin has a beautiful delicate floral character”.

Capturing the essence of ‘Autumn’ the juniper takes a back-seat to a complex mix of ripe fruits and a peppery spice with a long finish of cardamom and ginger, he explained, adding that this unique gin also consists of locally-foraged blackberries, hawthorn, rowan berries and rosehips to give the gin a wonderful sense of Autumn.

Finally, elderberries and hawthorn berries are combined with seasonal spices for a distinctly winter character in the ‘Winter’ seasonal gin.

Four Seasons Gin is available directly to trade from the Dingle Distillery.




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