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Creaming it in at the Century bar

A cheesey idea for helping customers celebrate Arthur’s Day has taken off at Dundalk’s Century bar where Guinness cheesecake, dreamed up by owner and big cheese there himself Pat Kerley has got arind to scoring a direct hit with his customers in terms of repeat purchase.

In fact, they’re rennin back in for it his Guinness cheesecake again and again…..

He’s really excited about the recipe and has entered many competitions in his time, being a former winner of Taste of Ireland back in ’93.

Pat also runs Quaglino’s Restaurant above the Roden Place bar and he says he’s been taken aback by the popularity of the cheesecake.

So whey did he do it?

“I wanted to do something to celebrate Arthur’s Day,” he explained to Closing Time, “Most people can make a Baileys cheesecake, so for the national drink I took up the challenge of making a Guinness cheesecake. We do a Beef & Guinness Pie as well which also flies out at lunchtime.

“I used a base of oatcakes and the reaction to it has been very positive. We served it on Arthur’s Day and people have kept asking for it ever since. It’s flying out the door at the moment.”

Pat agreed that the dining aspects of a pub are getting very tight just now.

“People don’t have money – even our bar lunches might have had people back here three or four time a week, but that’s down to about twice a week – there’s a lot of dieting going on.”

Unless, of course, you’re ordering the Guinness cheesecake.

In terms of getting customers back into the place again and again, we could say it’s a case of a feta complet, for Pat…

Say cheese - a picture of the popular Guinness cheesecake from the Century Bar.

Say cheese – a picture of the popular Guinness cheesecake from the Century Bar.

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