Cocktails more important in on-trade

Sales of cocktails have risen by 4% in volume in the UK on-trade over the last six months at a time when total on-trade wet sales declined 7% according to research from UK wine and spirit distributor Cellar Trends.

The Mojito remains top cocktail call among 41% of those surveyed and the company believes that such cocktails help drive footfall, especially as 52% of women say they drink cocktails compared to 35% of men.

Vodka remains the most commonly-used spirit in cocktails, however speciality spirits now run a close second.

In its Cellar Trends report for 2015, published recently, the company finds that high-alcohol cocktails are being replaced by more indulgent, elaborate combinations.

A far greater variety of serves, more adventurous flavours and sophisticated mixology are moving to mainstream accounts, it states.

The growing trend for lighter versions and ‘skinny’ cocktails continues apace too with 20% of frequent cocktail-drinkers saying that they now prefer to order one of these.

“Sophisticated and lower strength drinks such as the Espresso Martini have risen in popularity while established serves such as the Long Island Iced Tea have fallen slightly out of favour,” reports Cellar Trends.


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