Claims cap on unlawful discrimination raised to €15,000

The cap on compensation claims taken to the District Court for breaches of the Equal Status Act 2000 has been raised from €6,348.69 to €15,000.

The Courts and Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 (No 32 of 2013), which increased the monetary jurisdiction of the Circuit Court and District Court, came into effect on 3rd of February this year and it has implications for publicans found guilty of unlawful discrimination as it increases the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court to €75,000 and that of the District Court to €15,000.

Under Section 19 of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2003 the District Court can also award costs against publicans found guilty of discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment on, or at the point of entry to, licensed premises and they may also be subject to a Temporary Closure Order which could be used as grounds for objecting to a premises at licence renewal time.

It has been over 20 years since the monetary jurisdiction of our courts has been changed and the new limits mean that anyone who wins a case against a publicans on the grounds of unlawful discrimination can be awarded the maximum amount of €15,000.

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