Bottled beers & ciders – a ‘stylish’ choice

With the trend towards ‘local’ on the up, bottled beers & ciders are riding a wave of popular demand during these times. Our Industry Report reviews the market for beers & ciders.

In keeping with a developing trend, consumers are seeking so-called ‘craft’ products, especially if tied to a particular locality and nearly all of these products are delivered to the consumer in the bottled format so bottled beer and bottled cider are again beginning to gain momentum.

So, as bottled beers and ciders have always been a popular on-trade consumer choice, is it now time for the publican to acknowledge the wide range of different bottled beers & ciders on offer with a printed menu?

This would allow the beer and cider afficionado to be better informed about the many different premium styles now available in bottled format in your own outlet.

Indeed as we come out of Lockdown the vintner should be considering offering a drinks menu or a blackboard that highlights the different draught as well as the different bottled beers and ciders on offer,  even featuring them under a range of sub-headings.

In its last report, Drinks Ireland|Beer estimated that packaged beer grew its volume share of the total beer market in 2018 to 49.8%, thus overtaking draught product’s 48.6% share.


Bulmers Rosé

Bulmers Rosé made a timely re-emergence onto shelves nationwide in July, adding some much-needed colour to 2020 with a new improved recipe. Initially trialled across a limited period in Summer 2019, Bulmers Rosé is returning for 2020 with a sweeter, more distinctive Summer flavour making it appeal to those who enjoy other ‘pink’ drinks like gin and wine.

Produced in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Bulmers Rosé is made with the same 17 varieties of apples and the same dedication to the craft as the Original to be ready just in time for the perfect Summer’s day.

With an ABV of 4%, Bulmers Rosé comes in a 330ml bottle and is best served over ice, just like the Original, making it the perfect cooling Summer drink for enjoying with friends at a picnic or just for treating oneself at home.


OJ Fruit Flavoured Beer hits shelves across Ireland

Having recently launched with The Barry Group, OJ Fruit Flavoured Beer is now available in all Carry Out Off Licence stores nationwide. Distributed by Liquor Zaar, it has an ABV of 4%, 140 calories per 330ml serving and natural fruit including wild berries, tropical Peach and sweet Apple.

Springboarding from the success of its fruit beers across 26 countries worldwide, the range includes OJ Pink, OJ Pomme and OJ Fuzz. Liquor Zaar launched this range following two years of extensive research and development and believes that it has found the perfect balance between a fruit kick and a malt finish.

OJ Beer was born and brewed in Belgium and is a new taste experience inspired by one of the world’s strongest men, Belgian-born Odo Joost.

“With over 20 years of experience in the beverage industry, we’re listening to market needs and are very excited to meet this demand,” states Liquor Zaar, “Our development won’t stop here. We also have plans to broaden our current range with some really cool flavours in the making.”

For more information, contact:







The Brewers at St. James’s Gate recently unveiled Rockshore Light, a new beer packing all the refreshing-taste you would expect from Rockshore lager into 73 calories per 330ml bottle, 37% less calories than any other light beer on the market*. The light beer segment in Ireland has been growing rapidly, driven by people actively seeking lower calorie options to suit a more balanced lifestyle yet expecting the same great taste. Rockshore Light is the latest addition to the Rockshore portfolio joining Rockshore Lager and Rockshore Apple Cider, inspired by the bracing refreshment of the Atlantic coast. New Rockshore Light is available in draught, 330ml bottle across IOI plus 500ml can (ROI) and 440ml can (NI).

* Based on 22 kcals per 100ml for Rockshore Light Irish Lager. Comparison calculated on Top 10 selling beers in both ROI and NI, average of 35 kcals per 100ml. Source for Top Selling Beers – ©2017 Nielsen data, Volume (Litres) Top 10 Beer Brands MAT November 2019 ROI and NI On and Off Trade

Drink Rockshore Light responsibly. Visit



Mac Ivors launches new alcohol-free and low calorie cider

Mac Ivors Cider comes from orchards that were first planted by the family in 1855. Count Armagh, Ireland’s Orchard County, claims the best-tasting apples in the world and at Mac Ivors they know how to make the very best cider. Crisp, fruity and always refreshing, it’s cider that tastes of real apples.

And there’s no better time for cider time than the Summer time.

For those who want the great taste of Mac Ivors cider without the alcohol Mac Ivors has blended its most mature ciders with the finest dessert apples to produce a low alcohol, low calorie option that delivers real cider flavour.


Krombacher pils mini-keg

Krombacher is the No1 Premium beer brand in Germany. Soft mountainous spring water, carefully-selected ingredients and a well-guarded brewing recipe make Krombacher a unique experience in taste and with an extra-dry finish, Krombacher is an example of Pilsner at its best. Perfect for Summertime barbecues and now available in a five Litre mini-keg.






Crabbies alcoholic ginger ale

In the 1800s the Scottish pioneer John Crabbie became known for his adventurous spirit and for creating unusual drinks that challenged and delighted the senses with a mix of exotic spices and ginger he sourced from far away. Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer can today be enjoyed in delightful fruit flavours of Raspberry and Rhubarb. The luscious sweet tones of the fruit cut through the fiery bite of ginger bringing the flavours together in a perfect accompaniment to a hot Summer’s day. Noreast is proud to continue John Crabbie’s unconventional approach to the business of drinks-making with its range of hand-crafted Alcoholic Ginger beer blends which now includes Crabbies Rhubarb.



Hope Beer

Hope Beer has been producing an extensive range of award-winning premium craft beers since 2016. Its core range of five distinct beer styles is available all year round as well as two seasonals and a wide range of limited-edition beers. All Hope beers are brewed, bottled, canned and kegged at Howth Junction on Dublin’s Northside and are crafted to be the perfect accompaniment to food. Each beer has its own distinct name, story and taste experience.

Its flagship IPA, Handsome Jack, is a balanced, smooth, intense and citrusy dry-hopped IPA in the American West Coast style. It’s well balanced between the high level of bitterness (thanks to unusual combination of American and Japanese hops) and the sweetness (provided by Irish Pale malt).

It pairs well with burgers and roast meat, pizza, Indian dishes and strong, salty cheese.

Its latest – and always popular – Summer Seasonal is an American Pale Ale brewed in the tradition of the classic American hoppy ales using the freshest hops from the Pacific North-West namely Chinook, Centennial and Citra. This combination of classic hops means that it’s full of big aromas and big flavours. Great with BBQs, sunshine and Zoom!


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