Bottled beer – a home-grown habit

The bottled beer market is going to prove an interesting one as consumers emerge from Lockdown. Having grown accustomed to buying bottled (or canned) beers while incarcerated in their domicile, draught Guinness aside, will consumers returning to the pub continue to seek out their favourite bottled product? We look at today's bottled beer market.

Consumers grew accustomed to drinking their beer by the bottle during the long periods of Lockdown in 2020 and 2021. So it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that they’ve continued to utilise the bottled variant of some of these beers on their return to the bar.

Otherwise, depending on one’s choice of brew, selecting a bottled beer brand rather than the same brand on draught may be simply a statement of fashion. The different sizes and shapes of beer bottles in today’s on-trade have helped make this market more diverse and interesting to the consumer.

And it’s common – especially in late-night venues – to order a beer in bottled format.

For where draught beer is limited by the availability of countermount space, bottled beers can offer the consumer (and the publican) a much wider array of choice. Bottled beers can offer consistency of product too.

Clearly, the ending of Lockdown has led to a reduction in bottled beer and similar Long Alcoholic Drink sales in the off-trade.

According to NielsenIQ, the LAD sector is currently valued at over €750 million per annum in the latest 52 week data ending data to the 27th of February 2022 for total RoI Multiples, Convenience stores and Specialist off-licences. This equates to over 200 million litres in volume for Lager, Ale, Stout, Ciders, Perries and Ready To Drink products such as Hard Seltzers and single-serve pre-mixed gins, for example.

Canned versus bottled volumes in litres is split approximately 70% to can, 30% to bottle.

This 30% Bottled share can be further segmented, splitting into a share of around 22% for the 330ml size bottle and 8% for the 500ml/pint-size bottle.

In the latest 52-week data ending on the 27th of February this year, NielsenIQ shows that total LAD volumes in the off-trade are declining at approximately 12% year-on-year; the volume declines accelerate even further when taking year-to-date (first eight weeks of the year) with litreage down 26% compared to the same time a year ago. This overall decline in LAD in the off-trade was driven by the lifting of government restrictions: at that time last year we were in level Five Lockdown.

In addition, this year Minimum Unit Pricing came into effect on January the 4th which has had a significant impact on beer sales.

According to Ruth Lloyd-Evans, Senior Retailer Account Manager with NielsenIQ, “Bottle volume sales are currently declining more than can sales both in the latest 52 weeks and year-to-date.

“A couple of years ago bottle sales were enjoying good fortune however legislation in 2021 preventing multi-buy promotions across single selling units significantly impacted the 500ml/pint bottle pack size which were predominantly sold as singles rather than multipacks; a lot of the world/craft beers would utilise this pack format.

“Focusing on the 330ml bottle format, 20pks account for around 50% of the volume sold; these are declining by around -20% in volume Year-On-Year and by -40% Year-To-Date. Whilst there isn’t significant demand for large multipack this time of year it’s likely that volumes will shift to the 12pk format due to the price point resulting from MUP.”

Clearly an opportunity for the on-trade to pick up the bottled beer slack here.

Molson Coors launches Madrí Excepcional in off-trade

Molson Coors Beverage Company is launching Madrí Excepcional in the off-trade to help retailers capitalise on the fast-growing World Lager category.

This builds on the brand’s success since launching in the on-trade in October 2020.

“The World Lager category continues to go from strength-to-strength and Madri Excepcional’s crisp, refreshing double award-winning liquid and distinctive branding give it a real point of difference,” said Shane O’Sullivan at Molson Coors, commenting on the launch, “In Ireland, Madri Exceptional has already broken into the top-10 best-selling draught World Lagers so we’re confident it will help retailers drive sales in the off-trade too.”

Madrí Excepcional is a collaboration between Molson Coors and Madrid’s La Sagra Brewery which aims to capture ‘El Alma de Madrid’ or ‘The Soul of Madrid’ and has all the taste characteristics of a modern European-style lager.

The crisp, clean and refreshing beverage is full of flavour and aroma at 4.6% ABV, serving a refreshing, balanced taste born from the streets of modern Madrid.






Introducing new Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%

Super Premium Italian beer brand Peroni Nastro Azzurro has announced the arrival of its new alcohol-free beer Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%.

The launch across the UK and Ireland this April means that there’s now a Super Premium Italian beer with both alcohol and 0.0% alcohol choices available.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% features the same crisp, full-bodied flavour profile as the brand’s signature alcoholic beer, Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

As part of the launch Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0% will sponsor the Aston Martin Formula 1 Team which will be supported by a wide-reaching advertising campaign across TV, outdoor and digital channels along with extensive consumer sampling.

Peroni’s brewing team has used innovative technology and the same premium ingredients as its alcoholic beer – including Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s signature Nostrano dell’Isola maize, grown exclusively for the brand in the heart of Northern Italy.

For further information, follow @PeroniIreland on Instagram and Twitter.

If you’re interested in stocking Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%, please contact

Theakstons Old Peculier

Brewed with only the finest malted barley, Challenger, Target and the majestic Fuggle hops, fermented with the famous Theakston twin strain yeast to create its extra strength and complex character, the legendary Old Peculier is a deep, dark ruby coloured ale with a rich, fruity flavour with hints of black Cherry and Banana.

Distributed by Noreast.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord

This classic Pale Ale with a complex citrus and hoppy aroma has won more awards than any other beer, winning both CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain and the Brewing Industry Awards Gold Medal four times.

Distributed by Noreast.


Timothy Taylor’s Boltmaker

A well-balanced, genuine Yorkshire Bitter with a full measure of maltiness and hoppy aroma, Boltmaker was formerly known as Best Bitter and has won many awards over the years. It was awarded the CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain in 2014 and Champion Beer of Britain: Bitter category in 2016.

Distributed by Noreast.

Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Dark

Landlord Dark originates from the multi-award-winning Landlord Pale Ale but is brewed with caramelised sugars to give a rich yet light and drinkable dark Ale. This perfectly balanced mellow dark beer has body and depth. It has a fruity, toasted aroma with hints of chocolate, citrus and roasted malts on the tongue.

Distributed by Noreast.

Badger Fursty Ferret

Dark crystal malt delivers a full-bodied biscuity taste, rounded-off with a subtle floral and Lemon hop aroma in this moorishly malty amber Ale.

Distributed by Noreast.

Badger Tangle Foot

The finest barley, Goldings and Challenger hops deliver balanced flavours of crisp malt and subtle hop, with a delicate Pear drop aroma.

Distributed by Noreast.



Rockshore Light – a refreshing-tasting lager

Lager continues to hold the largest share of the beer segment with a 49.3% share. Research shows that nearly 56% of consumers are more calorie-conscious than two years ago and 60% agree it’s important to monitor calorie intake.

The brewers at St James’s Gate set out to create a beer that would pack the same refreshing taste as Rockshore Lager but with a third less calories, offering people a great-tasting alternative.

Brewed at St James’s Gate in Dublin, Rockshore Light launched in 2020 and is part of the wider portfolio alongside Rockshore Lager, Rockshore Apple Cider and Rockshore Hard Seltzer.

Rockshore Light has one-third less calories than other beers on the market, packing all the refreshing-taste you’d expect from Rockshore Lager with 73 calories per 330ml bottle and 125 calories per pint.

Available to order on Rockshore.

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