Beer connects Europe with the world

Between 1993 and 2012 Ireland bought beer from or sold beer to 73 countries around the world, with the US being its top export destination beyond the EU and the UK within the EU according to Beer Connects Europe with the World, a new publication from the Brewers of Europe on the global significance of trade and investment by the EU brewing sector between 1993 and 2012.


Ireland also imports the most beer from these two countries respectively in terms of extra- and intra-EU suppliers.

The volumes of beer involved place Ireland as the fifth-largest beer supplier for total exports outside the EU and in fourth position within the EU.

Ireland is placed 12th for the volume of beer imported from outside the EU and it’s placed eighth for the volume imported from within the EU according to the publication.

In comparing Ireland’s position with that of the UK, for example, the US remains the UK’s top export destination for beer sales outside the EU while Ireland remains its top export destination within the EU.

The UK imports the most beer from Mexico outside the EU and from Ireland within the EU.




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