A drink of Dillon’s in Dillon’s

The recent opening of The Black Door ceramics workshop and art gallery in the Kilkenny environs of Johnstown gave rise to an interesting anomaly thanks to Edward Dillon & Company which kindly supplied the wine for the event.

Representatives from Kilkenny Leader Partnership, Kilkenny Arts and Heritage, Kilkenny Council as well as local community groups and the media were present for the official opening and as Kevin Murphy, Vice Chairman of the local community development group, pointed out, the Black Door’s workshop and art gallery has been housed in what used to be O’Donoghue’s pub in the village.

But many many years before this, curiously enough, the pub was called Dillon’s.

“Thus there’s not that many of us alive today who can claim to have enjoyed a drink from Dillon’s in Dillon’s pub,” he told those attending the opening.

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