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43% of French know nothing about wine – survey

While we may consider the French the height of sophistication, good taste and knowledge on all things oenological, it comes as a surprise to discover that only three in 10 would consider themselves knowledgeable about wine.

A study carried out on behalf of Terre des Vins magazine by ViaVoice recently found that 71% of French respondents to the survey would not consider themselves particularly knowledgeable about wine.

Only 3% considered that they had ‘a lot’ of knowledge about wine although 26% know ‘enough’.

In fact 43% claimed they knew nothing whatsoever about wine.

Class divides also came out in the blue-collar/white-collar wash, with blue-collar workers less likely to be wine-knowledgeable.

43% of managers and professionals claim knowledge of wine as opposed to 30% of middle management and just 16% of ‘workers’.

“Evidence indicates that a very elitist initiation to wine still exists in French society,” believes the report, adding that many households have the feeling – real or perceived – that they do not have access to quality wines.

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