3 publicans order to pay €53,500

Following successful legal action taken by Sky, three licensees have been found guilty of infringing Sky’s copyright by showing Sky Sports programming in their premises without having a commercial contract with Sky.

As a result of these civil proceedings against licensees, Aaron Sharkey of The Moylurg Inn in Bridge Street in Boyle, Eamon Cliffe of The Railway Bar in Cappoquin’s Mill Street in County Waterford and Michael Foley of Talk of the Town in Kiltegan Main Street, County Wicklow, have been ordered to pay damages and costs in connection with the successful prosecutions.

Aaron Sharkey was ordered to pay damages and costs in the region of €20,000 while Eamon Cliffe was ordered to pay damages and costs in the region of €16,500 and Michael Foley was ordered to pay damages and costs of around €17,000.

A permanent court injunction prohibiting Aaron Sharkey and Eamon Cliffe from showing Sky programming in the premises without the correct commercial viewing agreement from Sky Business was also awarded along with an order to give up any devices on which Sky’s copyright could be further breached.

A permanent court injunction preventing Michael Foley from infringing Sky’s copyright was also granted for the Talk of the Town and all other licensed premises where he holds a liquor licence.

The three were found to have shown Sky Sports to customers without valid commercial viewing agreements.

“These rulings demonstrate the seriousness of the issue of showing Sky without a commercial agreement and highlight the consequences of televising Sky’s content illegally,” said Sky’s Head of Commercial Piracy George Lawson, “Illegal broadcasting is a serious issue that’s damaging to the pub industry, which is why we’re committed to protecting Sky customers who are unfairly losing business due to this illegal activity. These cases are just the latest in our efforts to ensure they are not left short-changed.”

Sky is committed to visiting every licensed premises reported by other publicans and/or organisations for illegally showing Sky and has made arrangements to visit hundreds of pubs each week in towns and cities across Ireland this year.



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