SpiritsEUROPE releases its Annual Impact Report

The ‘#UnitedinModeration: the Power of Partnerships’ report showcases the reach and effectiveness of its Responsible Drinking Initiatives (RDIs) across Europe

The sector advocates for developing national low-risk drinking guidelines (Photo by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels)

SpiritsEUROPE launched its Annual Impact Report which summarises the scope and reach of its Responsible Drinking Initiatives (RDIs) across Europe. 

Entitled ‘#UnitedinModeration: the Power of Partnerships’, the report highlights some of the most promising and successful partnership approaches supported by spirits producers in Europe, impacting millions of people each and every year.

Ian McLernon, president, spiritsEUROPE, said: “The spirits sector is dedicated to fostering a responsible drinking culture and promoting moderation in the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages. 

“Over the past decade, Europe has seen encouraging declines in key indicators of excessive and harmful drinking. These positive trends highlight the critical need to continue the collective efforts in promoting responsible drinking habits and supporting the freedom of adults to make informed decisions about their alcohol consumption.”

The sector advocates for the approach taken by many EU Member States to develop national low-risk drinking guidelines which encourage moderation and provide practical guidance and which are typically disseminated with the help of dedicated information and education campaigns.

Ulrich Adam, director general, spiritsEUROPE, said: “Looking ahead, the spirits sector remains fully committed to promoting partnership approaches and leveraging innovative technologies and scientific evidence to develop cutting-edge prevention campaigns that make a tangible difference on the ground.”

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