Message from the editor

With pubs having closed, now more than ever the industry must come together to help - in whatever way it can - everyone in the on-trade, in the off-trade and in the supply trade at this exceptionally fraught time.


As such we wanted to reassure you of the support of all of us here in Drinks Industry Ireland  in whatever way we can help.

Through this highly uncertain period we intend continuing to keep you in touch with what’s going on as well as with the latest developments in your industry –  and we aim to continue  providing you with this news both digitally and in print.

We look forward to the day you can reopen your business when the current overwhelming situation abates – and it will.

At this point we intend to proceed to bring you news and analysis as usual with our April issue.

In the meantime, we also intend getting views from the various sectors of the drinks trade as to what they will be doing going forward – indeed, what they’re doing at present!

The pub is the root of all community life whether in the city, the suburbs or in towns and villages around the country and if we can weather this storm together as one, looking to help and be understanding of those who’re clearly frightened and upset in these extraordinary times, it will help our government with the equally extraordinary task ahead of it.

Feel free to get in touch with us and may we all be back on the same commercial path in the not-too-distant future – albeit there may be less of us taking that path.

Stay safe!

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