Irish wine show celebrates 15th year

The National Off-Licence Association has now held Rounds One & Two of the Irish Wine Show 2015/16 judging.

The 15th year of the awards have determined the top 45 wines that Irish wine drinkers will have the pleasure of consuming over the next 12 months.

“To date, the awards have brought the wines of over 225 international artisan wine makers to Irish wine drinkers,” according to NOffLA.

Points are awarded on the basis of appearance, smell, taste and value-for-money. The winning 45 are selected as the best wines from the key suppliers across a number of price categories.

With over 600 wines submitted for consideration, a panel of NOffLA expert judges select a total of 45, 15 Gold, Silver and Bronze across key price categories with the winners to be announced in October. Each winning wine will be sold in NOffLA member outlets of which there are more than 315 nationwide.

“The Irish wine show and Star Awards judging process sees NOffLA members utilise their training, expertise and experience to bring Irish consumers the very best wine offerings in terms of quality, value and choice,” said NOffLA’s Chairman Gary O’Donovan.

The chosen wines will be recognisable by distinctive Award symbols on each bottle. The ‘Star’ winning wines’ selection and endorsement by a panel of qualified experts means that customers have a specialist recommendation and an expert reassurance that they’ll enjoy excellent quality and value when they select one of the award-winners.

In the pre-Christmas period NOffLA members will promote the Star Awards 2015-2016 Collection as ideal Christmas gifts in a variety of special gift packs.



Gold, silver and bronze Star Award Categories 

Old World White Under €10
Old World White Under €15
Old World White Under €20
New World White Under €10
New World White Under €15
New World White Under €20
Old World Red Under €10
Old World Red Under €15
Old World Red Under €20
New World Red Under €10
New World Red Under €15
New World Red Under €20
Rose Under €15
Sparkling Wine Under €25
Sparkling Wine Under €60
Old World White Under €20
Old World Red Under €15


He also pointed out that Government policy unfairly targets wine for excessive taxation because it is not produced commercially in Ireland.

“This has led to the imposition of taxes on wine that are 35% higher than that of cider and beer and contrary to the spirit of EU taxation laws,” he added, “This punitive tax regime targets international wine producers and makes Ireland an unattractive place to do business.”

“Since 2008 some 3,000 jobs (35%) have been lost in the sector and 546 off-licences have closed. According to our 2015 national Members Survey, any further increases would force 16% of outlets to close outright, with a further 51% struggling to remain open. ”

“The independent off-licence sector is committed to providing local jobs and helping the recovery reach local communities, for example if excise duty were reduced 70% of our members would look to hire staff.  However we are unable to do so when the impact of excise is immediate as upfront cash funding is required from midnight on Budget Day thus preventing medium- to long-term business planning.

“This demand on working capital stifles any chance of job creation, expansion of product offering and the upgrading of equipment and premises and ultimately the viability of indigenous businesses.”


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