Graham Norton launches sparkling rosé

Barry & Fitzwilliam has launched Graham Norton’s Own Sparkling Frizzante Rosé wine from Italy to the Irish market in time for Christmas.
Graham Norton’s Own Sparkling Frizzante Rosé - a slightly lighter option at 11% ABV.

Graham Norton’s Own Sparkling Frizzante Rosé – a slightly lighter option at 11% ABV.

The new pink frizzante – a collaboration between Graham Norton and Kiwi wine company Invivo & Co – was made in response to the growing numbers of people in Ireland seeking lighter styles of quality sparkling wine and partners the already-popular Graham Norton’s Own Frizzante.

Released in 2018, sales of Graham Norton’s Own Frizzante increased by more than 15% into 2019 and over 300% in the first half of 2020.

According to Nielsen, sales of Prosecco in New Zealand itself have increased by more than 40% over the past year.

Vegan-friendly and sustainably produced, Graham Norton’s Own Italian Sparkling Frizzante Rosé, the fifth addition to the Graham Norton’s Own award-winning range of still and sparkling wines, is made with the Glera grape (the ‘Prosecco’ grape), grown and produced in the same way as Prosecco. Blended with Pinot Noir grapes to make a lighter, drier style of sparkling rosé wine Graham officially formulated his new fizz with Invivo & Co earlier this year.

Invivo makes the rosé sparkling with the same Italian partners to ensure consistent quality and style according to Invivo Co-Founder Tim Lightbourne.

“Our new wine taps into the growing popularity of Frizzante and also the emerging trend of consumers looking for pink drinks and dry styles of rosé wine,” he stated.

A shareholder and board member of the Invivo brand, Graham Norton is involved in every step of the formulation of his wines and has personally blended his Own Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, Shiraz and GN Prosecco. Over the past six years these have won over 50 medals including four trophies from the UK’s People’s Choice Awards, Gold at the Global Sauvignon Masters and Gold at the Prosecco Masters.

The light berry-fruit notes combine with sweetly scented notes of tropical flowers to make a slightly lighter option at 11% ABV.




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