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For Scotch, read English

As Scottish independence approaches the vote next week, those who might be ‘left behind’ are getting to grips – producing English whisky – and some might claim they’re beginning to get a foothold, too.


It all began with the St George’s Distillery in Roundham, Norfolk, which released its first bottles of single malt in 2009. These quickly sold out.

A couple of years later Cornwall’s St Austell Brewery got busy with a similarly quick-selling 7 Year-Old Single Malt before a number of others took up the cudgels on behalf of the growing English whisky distilling industry.

The latest to join the ranks is Lakes Distillery which hopes to use its setting in the touristic Lake District as leverage in its marketing plans.

Today, English whisky is exported to Europe, Japan, China, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Don’t tell Alex Salmond!

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