Marketing’s Festive campaign highlights ‘morning after’

In the run-up to the Festive season, in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority (RSA), rolled out a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of what a standard drink is and the time taken to eliminate it.

With new lower drink-driving limits now in effect is reminding people of the importance of remembering the ‘morning after’.

Morning breath-testing has led to real concerns for people who, although they found alternative methods to get home safely the night before, now feel they may risk being over the drink-driving limit the next morning.

The campaign’s aim is to reduce incidences of road collisions due to ‘morning after’ drink-driving. Chief Executive Fionnuala Sheehan explained, “This campaign can play a vital role in increasing our understanding of how alcohol affects us and when it is safe to drive”.

Through this campaign, and the RSA also aim to dispel myths about the sobering effects of various popular ‘cures’. Fionnuala Sheehan highlighted the importance of time in the sobering process, stating, “People believe that many things – a couple of hours sleep, a big breakfast, a cup of coffee, a cold shower – are enough to enable you to drive the morning after a night out. The fact is that only time can allow your body to eliminate alcohol and to recover so that you are fit to drive again”. On average, it takes the body roughly one hour to process one standard drink –  approximately half a pint of beer, a small glass of wine, or a pub measure of spirits. No ‘cure’ will speed up that process.
In addition to a national radio and poster advertising campaign, MEAS has produced handy information cards explaining what a standard drink is and how it affects your body.

Specifically designed to be kept for future reference, not only will they fit into one’s wallet, there’s also a space on the card so people can insert their local taxi number. These cards will be distributed at Garda checkpoints and will also be displayed in national retailers plus a number of licensed premises and off-licences.

Campaign materials are available free-of-charge from MEAS. To request the ‘Morning After’ posters or info cards, please contact MEAS on 01 6114811 or e-mail

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