Danes seek moderate consumption

Denmark suffers from one of the highest binge-drinking cultures in Europe, especially among younger drinkers.

However, a GlobalData survey has revealed that drinkers there are actively seeking to moderate and reduce their alcohol consumption.

The leading data and analytics company’s Q4 2016 consumer survey revealed that nearly three-quarters (72%) of the population in Denmark is attempting to curb its drinking habit.

It can also be deduced that this rationale appears to increase with age, with older cohorts showing a considerable amount of interest in moderation.

Among 15 to 16 year-olds 32% reported having been drunk in the past 30 days compared to the European average of 13% according to the World Health Organisation last year. Ultimately this significant interest in alcohol moderation is surprising given the Danes’ notorious drinking culture, states GlobalData.

It should be highlighted that the rules, availability and prices are all factors which have contributed to the amount of alcohol consumed in this region; to purchase alcohol that’s above 1.2% ABV and below 16.5% you must be 16 or older. Nonetheless, although there are laws in place to protect minors, there’s no age requirement for drinking in Denmark – an adult can purchase alcohol for a child.

“It’s crucial retailers across Denmark’s FMCG landscape capitalise on the increase in demand for healthier beverages, thus allowing consumers to mitigate health concerns,” comments GlobalData’s Consumer Analyst Charles Sissen, “For instance, on-trade channels can increase their selection of low/non-alcoholic beverages and adult soft drinks, thus resonating with health-conscious consumers. In addition, retailers must ensure the correct nutritional and calorie information is clearly displayed, therefore communicating these options successfully.”



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