Craft Brewers introduce new symbol

Ireland’s independent craft brewers launched their third weeklong celebration of  “genuinely independent beer”  with their annual Indie Beer Week yesterday at the Lost Lane, Porterhouse Central, off Dublin’s Grafton Street.



The promotion takes place from Wednesday 22nd May to Sunday 26th May and features a series of nationwide celebrations across Ireland.

The Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol was also formally launched at the event.

Some 30 independent craft brewers are taking part in the promotion and yesterday evening provided an opportunity for the micro-brewers to allow guests sample and discover the range of independent beers produced in Ireland.

“Today’s launch will kick-start a series of celebrations to encourage visitors to discover their local independent breweries,” commented the ICBI Chair Peter Mosley at the launch, “It’s important for the association to raise awareness about microbreweries in Ireland that employ talented young professionals and produce quality and genuinely independent beers. We’re proud of our members’ successes so far and their very loyal following across Ireland which continues to grow every year thanks to the Indie Beer Week.

“This year is very special as we are introducing to the public a striking symbol which will help consumers recognise a genuine independent artisan beer from a mass-produced high-volume beer produced by global giants. The Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol will guarantee that a beer is made in a genuinely independent microbrewery in Ireland. As our organisation has been growing in such large numbers, we’re unveiling the symbol to the public to promote independent and genuine microbreweries.”

In the nationwide collaborative effort, local breweries will involve their local pubs, restaurants and off-licences for tastings, live music and local food to highlight their dynamic range of beers. Some breweries will open to the public and welcome their community in for tours and tastings.



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