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Corona wants us for a Sun Beam

Corona Extra – even in this country – would like to be associated with sun.

Alas – this Summer notably apart – the Irish climate seldom provides that rare commodity. When it does, we make full use of the beer gardens and other outdoor seating arrangements to sup in the sun. But we’re not the only ones.

And like just about everywhere else, when the sun goes down, it goes down so the temperature can fall and the place can darken considerably from just a minute ago.

But in Toronto, Canada, Corona Extra decided to do something about this for pub patrons through the introduction of the Corona Extra Sun Beam.

This involved the use of a crane to hoist up a reflective surface so that customers lately in the shade could still catch the last of the reflected rays just that little bit longer.

And to complete the brightening picture, the brand then brought out bottles of Corona and free sunglasses to those lucky enough to have stayed the darkened course.



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