Copperhead Gin from B&F

For centuries alchemists were looking for their ‘Elixir of Life’, a way of extending life for eternity.

The medicinal effect of the juniper berries, the basis of every gin, was an extremely popular product as a medicine. Always in search of a challenge, Mr Copperhead wanted to create an experience for consumers. Not just an ordinary gin and tonic but one where you’re your own alchemist – and so Copperhead Gin was created.

Copperhead is made in authentic copper stills. Every distillation is executed with passion and a high level of expertise. Copperhead organic botanicals are used for a first distillation. In this process the botanicals are heated and release their complex signature aromatics. This London dry gin has a signature juniper dominant taste with a hint of citrus flavour which creates a very soft and subtle gin.

Different ingredients were listed to create Copperhead gin. During many months, different batches were made to search for the perfect balance of ingredients.

Finally five ingredients were selected: Juniper berries, Cardamom, Angelica, Coriander seeds and Orange zest.

Copperhead Gin further supports the alchemist story with three blends.

The blends generate a functional and aromatic effect to G&T. They’re a mixture of plant and fruit extracts which give an extra dimension to G&Ts. Firstly the global taste gets redefined, but above all the blends generate a functional effect for the consumer. By adding only four drops, you’ll add an exceptional functional effect: aperitivum, digestivum or energeticum. Available from Barry & Fitzwilliam , become your own alchemist….

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