Compelling the consumer

The dictionary definition of 'compelling' is: 'adjective, a compelling argument or reason is one that convinces you that something is true or that something should be done. If you describe something such as a film or book, or someone's appearance, as compelling, you mean you want to keep looking at it or reading it because you find it so interesting'.

And so it must be with the pub and the post-Covid consumer’s visit.

During this long period spent in Lockdown, we’ve had to provide our own hospitality. It’s made many consumers something of an expert in upping the catering ante.

The consumer’s knowledge of quality cuisine has become more sophisticated as they’ve had little choice but to experiment and improve their own skills at home. In so doing, many have learned how to produce a variety of attractively presented tasty dishes.

The result of all this self-learning is that the quietly muttered phrase “I could do better at home myself” is one that has begun to pass the consumer’s lips more frequently when venturing out to some venues to eat in these self-aware times.

This is especially true for that all-important older age-group consumer.

As CGA’s Phillip Montgomery points out in our 1&1 interview this month, the more mature cohort will need to be coaxed out of the home having built up the ‘stay-at-home-and-entertain-ourselves’ habit during Lockdown.

“To facilitate a full sales recovery, driving confidence in older age groups will be key with only half of consumers over 55 confident in returning,” he points out, “After 18 months where there have been significant restrictions on late-night, outlets must ensure they’re providing a compelling offer to benefit from a consumer appetite for higher tempo occasions.”

For outlets to achieve that compelling offer status it’s key to work with suppliers to ensure that their range is fully aligned to consumer preference.

Indeed, it’s going to take a compelling offer from you, one that convinces the consumer that your premises should be visited, in order to drive footfall out of the home and in through your door – it’s the only thing that’s going to guarantee the sustainability of your business in the longer term.

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