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Cocktails over the Hill

One of the emerging trends cited again and again in the drinks trade is the entry of the third-party delivery service, particularly in major urban areas, thanks to younger adult consumers and business travellers favouring delivered convenience over direct on-trade contact.

Third-party delivery service is experiencing huge growth via technology-driven off-premise consumption and pubs now need to adapt to the idea of third-party takeaways. Indeed, if you can’t beat them, join them.

For that’s exactly what The Hill pub in Dublin’s Ranelagh suburb has done by teaming up with Deliveroo to provide a range of drinks for customers craving a cocktail at home.

Whether it’s a Harvey Wallbanger (which has taken on a whole new meaning in Hollywood) or a Long Island Iced Tea for two in the living room, The Hill will provide it.

“We know what our customers like to drink and have taken great care to choose the right drinks for the Deliveroo cocktail menu,” commented The Hill’s Derek Marsden, “We can guarantee customers will not be disappointed with their choice, but what we’d say is, why not order a couple to try, just to be sure you find your favourite!”

To show how it’s done, Deliveroo deployed some extreme delivery skills which saw two parkour stunt experts climbing, flipping and vaulting their way through Dublin city, mixing the ready-made cocktails as they went to ensure customers received their favourite drink in style.

See how they mixed it up.




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