A ‘mixed’ shots market?

Shots have become a ritualistic part of an evening’s entertainment for many customers (and bartenders). But for publicans, the shot can also represent a quick and easy contribution to turnover. Increasingly, shots are no longer taken in isolation – profitable enough in itself - but mixed into other drinks. We review the on-trade shots market in 2016.

Traditionally known as ‘party starters’, to date, sales of shots in Ireland have tended to peak as the party approaches the end of the evening for groups of people in the pub just as much as it did at the beginning of the night at home.

And in following tradition, there’s a ritual behind the ordering of shots by consumers in the pub – it’s their Unique Selling Point, if you like.

Traditionally, shots tended to be consumed either with a larger drink such as a beer or drunk in isolation as a ‘round’ in itself.

Over the last few years, howver, a sense of occasion has imbued itself into the shots market with shots being consumed in a ritual environment, one by now familiar to both the average pub customer and the bartender.

This ritual stems from the ‘Celtic Tiger’ days when some pubs stocked every shot known to man and charged €5 to €6 for serving them up. This naturally led to a €20 to €30 spend from each of the four or five people involved in the group. Thus it was possible to make between €120 and €150 in just 30 minutes, according to one mixologist who’s extremely familiar with this market.

But that was then and the Celtic Tiger is no more.

Today, shots are no longer those sweet and sickly liqueurs that had to be slammed down in that tequila-like style – and while times might have changed, the shots market still represents a quick and relatively straightforward way of growing turnover, especially if shots can be combined, as is the trend these days, into mini-cocktails of one sort or another.

And today’s consumers are looking to more herbal variations and combinations in their shots ordering.

Nevertheless, realistically with shots, one has to put on one’s sensible cap, especially since the weekend represents peak shot-taking time among consumers.

Shots are still very much driven by the nightclub scene.

But by-and-large, the Baby Guinness, Slippery Nipple, Tequila Slammer etc seem to be on the wane within the diminishing ‘slammers’ category.

Instead, new forms of purchase (and packaging) are coming to the fore in this sector.



Feel the heat with Bacardí Carta Fuego

141120_rg_bacardi_fuego copy.jpg

Celebrating its 153rd anniversary this year Bacardí unveiled its new bold bottle design across the rum range. Bacardí, the world’s most awarded rum, has become the first brand to launch a rum to be consumed as a shot with the introduction of Bacardí Carta Fuego, a bold yet smooth spiced rum spirit drink containing aged Puerto Rican rum with flavours and spices for a Fiery taste.

Taking its name from the Spanish word for ‘fire’, Fuego is crafted with true passion by Maestros de Ron Bacardí. It’s aged for a minimum of one year in torched oak barrels, shaped using a secret mix of charcoals and blended to deliver plenty of spice, creating a robust flavour that’s both smooth and intense.

The 40% ABV balances the smooth taste of the Bacardí rum with a selection of natural flavours and spices ensuring each sip is smooth but finishes with a peppery kick.

Celebrating its 153rd anniversary this year Bacardí unveiled its new bold bottle design across the rum range. The new design pays tribute to Don Facundo Bacardi Masso and the legacy of his rum, showcasing stories of the Bacardi family and history over 153 years and celebrating the human craft and passion that still goes into every bottle today.

The new bottle shape is taller and slimmer with improved weight distribution, all designed to enable bartenders to grab the bottle more quickly from the speed rail.

Contact your Edward Dillon representative on 01 8193300.



 New look for Jägermeister


Jägermeister, from Barry & Fitzwilliam, has been given an image overhaul with a new bottle design and the new-look herbal liqueur is expected to be rolled out next month. All bottles, from the 2cl miniature to the 1,75l bottle, will have a new look in over 100 countries around the world in which Jägermeister is available.

But while the design of the bottle is new, the unique and distinctive Jägermeister taste remains unchanged.

This is the fifth time the bottle has been redesigned over the course of the brand’s 80-year-plus history. The brand’s key symbols remain such as the angular shape of the bottle, the stag’s head and Otto von Riesenthal’s hunting motto that has always framed the label.

However, the overall appearance of the bottle now embodies the high-quality of the premium spirit Jägermeister even more. Mast-Jägermeister SE’s long history has also been woven into the new design through various elements of the new bottle.

The green bottle, unchanged since 2002, is now slightly elongated: the shoulders are a little higher and the corners more angular. The Jägermeister lettering on the sides of the glass bottle is deeper.

The cap is not only longer than its predecessor but is of improved quality and carries the signature of its inventor Curt Mast along with the “Since 1878” tag.

In keeping with the character of the brand, the label reflects the iconic shape of the bottle. The stag, as brand ambassador, has been drawn in a more natural and thus more authentic manner: its stronger antlers lend it a more mature look than its predecessor.

The green in the background represents the forest, the stag’s natural environment, as do the leafy twigs that can once again be seen in front of its chest. The label refers to the quality of both the liqueur and its manufacturing process.

The ‘Jägermeister’ lettering on the front label has also been reworked: it’s now a succinct, emblematic reflection of a brand that’s proud of its heritage and the quality of its product. The German words ‘Der Kräuterlikör’, highlighted in orange at the bottom of the label, further reinforce this self-confidence.




blackcurrant-sourz-copy rsz_apple_sourz

Sourz is a great-tasting shot, famous for its distinct sweet and sour fruit flavour. Distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam, Sourz is a unique treat that’s captured a respectable share of the market in countries like Ireland and the UK. Launched in 1999, Sourz has grown to become one of the biggest brands in the non-cream liqueurs category.

Renowned for its overwhelming ‘real’ taste of fruit, this Sourz liqueur range inspires the cocktail-maker in you. With seven varieties including Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Tropical flavour-, this vibrant collection can be consumed as a shot neat, on-the-rocks or as a long drink. At 15% ABV, the most popular flavour by far is the original Sourz Apple. Vibrant green in colour, the sweet apple flavour is balanced by a zingy sour finish, giving it a clean and crisp serve.

















Distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam, After Shock is a concept in high-strength schnapps-style liqueurs from Beam Suntory. Aftershock was first marketed primarily to younger drinkers but has now become a popular favourite with many age groups. The cinnamon-flavoured Aftershock Red liqueur has proved immensely popular since its introduction.

A popular shooter on the drinking circuit since it was first released after the original Red as a phenomenal success, Aftershock Blue is a fresh combination of citrus and mint. Its striking colour catches the eye, while its flavour and power are as potent as the original Hot Cinnamon version, with strong mint/citrus flavours dominating. Take it in one, then take a deep breath. Best consumed ice-cold and neat from a shot glass.






 Sauza Tequila

Sauza Tequila is the perfect complement to a night out, allowing any moment to become a celebration. Each bottle of Sauza Tequila, the margarita’s favourite tequila, is carefully crafted using the finest agave from the renowned Sauza distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. Distributed by Barry & Fitzwilliam, Sauza offers a full line of tequila including the popular Sauza Tequila Gold and Sauza Tequila Silver.

The soul of any tequila can be found in its agave flavour. Sauza tequila is a 100% agave tequila complemented by an added herbal dimension for a consistently smooth flavour. All the Sauza tequilas are double-distilled in copper pot stills. Within 48 hours of being harvested, the agave plants used for Sauza begin the process of turning into tequila. Consumed as a shot or a mixer in popular cocktails such as a margarita, this tequila is a firm favourite in the bartending world.


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