Vintners report positive sales last Christmas

Trade around the Christmas period outside Dublin was ‘not bad’ according to VFI Chief Executive Padraig Cribben, judging by the general feedback he’s received.

“It was better than last year but the weather in 2010 would have played a part in this,” he told Drinks Industry Ireland.

In his contacts  with publicans since Christmas, the vibes had been generally really positive.

“That may have been because expectations were low, but I don’t think so,” he stated.

Dublin itself experienced “a reasonable December, particularly good in the city centre and especially so in Dublin 2,” reported LVA Chief Executive Dónall O’Keefe, “The suburbs wee a bit more mixed but it’s fair to say that it was OK.

“The CSO stats from last weekend indicated a December gain of just over two per cent and this was particularly welcome,” he continued, “The fact that the Budget did not hit take-home pay directly and the weather was good (versus December ’10) were all positive factors.”

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