Pushing beer to new heights

A new speedier means of pouring beer much at functions and festivals has been devised which will soon be warming the cockles of all publicans’ hearts. The world’s fastest draught beer pourer will soon be available for publicans everywhere in the form of the ‘Bottoms Up’ Draft Beer Dispenser, the most consistent and operationally-efficient system on the planet, boasts the device’s producer and distributor, GrinOn Industries.

The system, designed specifically for draft beer, fills a plastic beer glass from the base rather than the top thanks to the bottom up pourer!  A plastic cup with a hole in the bottom is filled from below and sealed by a magnetic disc when the correct weight is achieved. This permits the pourer to fill a plastic glass in just a few seconds and the device also leaves the beer with a ‘perfect head’ claims GrinOn Industries.
Furthermore, the magnetic disc is available to advertisers as the disc inside of the bottom of the cup can double as a billboard for advertising and/or a promotion.
While a four-nozzle Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser has filled 56 pints in one minute with more than one person, the world record is currently 44 pints in one minute via one person.
Although not quite ready for the market, the Bottoms Up dispenser should eliminate those irksome queues at festivals and nightclubs and help boost the publicans’ coffers at the same time.

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