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New York’s boozy bird

O’Casey’s Restaurant and Irish Pub on East 41st Street in New York City offers something that bit different to attract in customers for Thanksgiving Day.

On the outlet’s menu for the celebration is turkey with a difference. It was cooked using different flavoured vodkas including cherry, orange, peach, lemon and green apple.

The turkey was also infused with vodka every six hours over three days.

And just for good measure the bird was cooked for five hours before the excess sauce was removed to be mixed with 100 proof vodka.

But just how much alcohol the (wild?) turkey-eating customers get is open to question, a function of how long the turkey spends roasting, explained O’Casey’s proprietor Paul Hurley.

Just as well, then, that the Irish pub lays on free transportation home for Manhattan customers who’ve partaken of the high proof bird.

For as the sign warns: “You must be 21 and over to eat or consume this meal”

But one customer revealed that the drinkable dish was “not as alcoholic as I expected it to be. It tastes more like you ate some turkey after taking a shot of vodka though after two bites I think I’m feeling buzzed. I’m not sure if that’s a placebo effect”.

Paul’s Irish mother’s to blame. She’d once asked why there was no vodka in the Christmas turkey and so together the pair cooked up a recipe together with O’Casey’s Executive Chef Paul Loftus using 100 proof vodka, presenting O’Casey’s customers with their first vodka-infused turkey back in 2009.

Now it’s on the menu of over 100 pubs and restaurants in the Big Apple.



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