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-- a collection of notable quotes

“We are confident that MUP will be found to be compatible with EU treaties and rules and it is therefore important that all the necessary steps have been put in place to commence the legislation, if enacted” – Minister for Health Leo Varadkar TD in a Seanad Statement on Alcohol Awareness and related issues recently.


“With a fledgling microbrewing industry in Ireland, we want to promote this and we don’t believe that macrobreweries masquerading brands as craft beer brands is something that will help our industry develop” – Metalman’s Grainne Walsh on the establishment of a trademark for small Irish breweries’ brands.


“You would want to be a snake to get through. We’re not covered by insurance and we will have to remove them. I won’t tolerate the situation. If they want to put stuff on the street, there is a process. If not they will be removed”

Director of Services for Tullamore Municipal District Declan Kirrane at a recent Council meeting.


“These high prices not only prevent new players from establishing a foothold in our market but also prevent their brands from building a relationship with tourists as they simply think that they are being ripped off.” – Bart Storan, Campaign Manager for Support Your Local, highlighting the deleterious effects of being able to purchase two bottles of Irish whiskey in the US for the price of one in the home of Irish whiskey.


“Brands and venues that offer a break from the constant demands of their online world will be remarkable by the contrast and the relief they provide.” – MCCP’s Kathy Troy on what pubs can do to attract the forthcoming Generation Z in our Expert View this month.


“If politicians really care about the Irish pub then tell them to get behind it via a cross-party campaign.” – UK MP and founder of the ‘Save the Pub’ All Party Parliamentary Group speaking at a roundtable discussion on the future of the Irish pub and the lessons that we might learn from the UK experience in the Guinness Storehouse recently.

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