Kepak launches Pub Guide to food

Kepak Food Service launched a new Guide for the pub and hospitality sector which provides inspiration and tips for pubs on how to make menus more appealing.

It takes a look at “the eating-out landscape within pubs today” with insight and advice to help pubs refresh their existing food offering or develop a pub menu for the first time.

Good food can be served up without having to invest in elaborate catering facilities or a chef, claims the Guide which points out that the food service market on the Island of Ireland accounts for some 17% of the total foodservice market on the Island of Ireland and this is predicted to grow by a Category Annual Growth Rate of 2.2% to 2020.

85% of food & drink purchasing by an Irish pub is spent on food, claims the Guide, with the rest spent on beverages such as soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Kepak also conducted an independent audit of pubs in the greater Dublin area which found food to be the second-most important and profitable area in the pub business according to pub owners and managers.


Dwell time lengthened

“Offering food in your pub will help drive footfall and increase dwell time, by giving customers a reason to stay in your pub for longer – resulting in an uplift in both food and drink sales, vital to creating a busy and profitable pub environment,” states the Guide,

“Not only that but offering on-trend menu solutions will attract customers into your establishment and away from your competitors.”


Menu breakdown

75% of those surveyed had burgers on their menu and of those, over half said this was their top-selling item while 80% sold chicken wings and of those, over half said it was their Number One poultry item. 65% of respondents used chicken tenders or goujons.

Food cuisines in growth included BBQ, premium burgers and healthy options.

Interestingly, Kepak found over 60% of Millennials prepared to use digital interactive menus in pubs.


Trending in food

The Guide mentions a number of trends such as street food –  “a trend that shows no sign of dwindling in popularity, street food inspired from across the globe continues to be a big hit”.

Burgers too have a prominent place on pub menus – “burgers remain one of the most popular items on pub menus,” states the Guide, “Personalisation is key – serve with garnishes, chutneys and different cheeses to keep customers coming back time and time again”.

Spicy foods remain in demand – “heat, spice and smoke are key flavour trends and present an opportunity to premiumise your dishes”.

The power of social media should be harnessed too – “customers are looking for inclusive and immersive dining experiences. Cost and time effective, sharing platters will increase customer dwell time as they indulge little and often during a pub visit”.

And the Guide has one final example of an impressive way to market your food offering – “Sampling is a great way to drive interest in your dishes! Encourage customers to try your food with nibbles on the bar. Once they’ve experienced it, they’ll be likely to order on their next visit!”.


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