Haggis crisps, Mr Tayto?

Following the advent of baked bean or even snail-flavoured ice cream comes Haggis-flavoured crisps via Mackie’s ‘Haggis and Cracked Black Pepper’ crisps which go on display in New York’s Fancy Food Show next month.

This putative blend of sheep’s innards coupled with herbs and spices boiled for hours and hours, hours and hours and hours in a sheep’s stomach will regularly be served up to the skirl of the bagpipes at many-a Burns Supper night at the tail-end of January.

Kirstin Mackie, Managing Director of haggis crisp manufacturer Mackie’s, said that she could replicate the distinct flavor of haggis (described as "nutty" [“Eh?” – Ed]) on the crisps along with a shot of pepper. The chips won Product of the Year at the 2010 Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards.

Can the pub-going public hold themselves back, we ask ourselves….

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