Beer bikes barred

Touring “beer bikes” have been banned by a court in Dusseldorf.

For stag parties in Germany they beat the Viking Tours in Dublin handlebars down, but not for much longer. Touring “beer bikes” have been banned by a court in Dusseldorf.
These multivalent ‘bicycles’ originally from the Netherlands comprise one sober steerer and up to 16 drinkers touring around the city taking in both the sights and the beer aboard while donating pedal-power to the travelling tour.
But now the German authorities have branded them dangerous and a nuisance to other road users.
Some 34 different cities around Germany make use of the “pedal pubs” or “mobile conference tables” as they’ve become known, where revellers tour  German cities by sitting around a central table, pedalling as one while partaking of the beer on board ane listening to music.
Over half of BierBike’s business comes from stag parties and the gargle-powered vehicles are steered by one of the BierBike’s non-drinking employees.
Despite 150,000 (accident-free) rentals already this year, complaints from drivers about rowdiness and the increasingly inebriated pedallers losing speed and causing traffic chaos have led to a Dusseldorf court banning the bikes.
A two-hour minimum rental costs €280 and the ‘riders’ are limited to just 18 pints of beer……. an hour….

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