Bar sales values up 3% in October

Retail sales volumes in bars last October were up 0.6% compared to October 2016 according to seasonally-adjusted provisional results figures from the CSO for October. However bar sales values rose by 3.0%.

On a monthly basis, sales volumes fell by 1.1% compared to September while values fell by 4%.

Final CSO seasonally adjusted figures for September indicate that sales volumes in bars were up 3.7% compared to September 2016 while values were up 4.9%. Bar sales volumes were up 1.1% compared to the previous month, August, while values were up 0.7%.

Over the three months August to October bar sales volumes showed growth of 3.1% compared to the same three-month period in 2016 while values showed growth of 5.4%. When this period is compared to the immediately preceding three-month period (May to July) bar sales volumes showed an increase of 2.7% while values grew 3.1%.




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